Tita Bebe's Quick Pancit Canton Cooking Style

This is a quick cooking style of Tita Bebe. I was bothering her while I took these photos when she was preparing the Pancit Canton Bebe's Style. It was a very quick preparation but tasted so good.

She just first prepared all the ingredients. Sauteed the vegetable with slices of longganisa as flavoring. Added salt and pepper to taste with bit of soy sauce and a delicious pancit canton noodles. It's already tasty cause the noodle is already with seasoning.

This is a fun and quick way to prepare the food.

IMELDA'S CARENDERIA at Balanga City Public Market

It was around 4am when Tita Baby started preparing the morning menu or breakfast menu. I had fun time at Imelda Dizon's Carenderia in the middle of the Balanga City Public Market. I took photos of several food that is being served.

If you will assess the life of these people in every market all over the Philippines, they use a lot of energy to wake up as early as 1am just to be able to prepare several foods just in time for breakfast.

The food tray below is a feast for breakfast.

One of the first few foods prepared were hotdog, sliced ham and sunny side up eggs and the next thing they will prepare is the "sinangag" of fried rice. They sell the food in a very cheap price. Imagine you can have a good breakfast starting from P15 to P50 and you will say that you already have had enough.
Sometimes they also serve fried or breaded fried chicken and omelets.

Adobong Kangkong or Adobong Sitaw is also a "Masa" favorite. In this photo, it's an adobong sitaw or string beans.

Have you heard of "Adobong pig intestine"? Well, check the photo below, it's actually so tasty and so delicious. A must try if you visit Balanga City, you must visit this small carenderia of Imelda Dizon and try her special food there.
Boiled eggs are one of the all time favorite in the morning. They use this also to top on palabok and other breakfast foods being served.